Mission Statement

Embark is an apparel company, but its ultimate purpose is to transform lives. Here’s why we exist:

  1. Show that anyone can succeed when they pursue what truly makes them happy.

I’m lucky to have stumbled upon my passion. But I know many people are still trying to find theirs.

When you see an Embark snapback, tank top, or T-shirt, you’re seeing the result of immense frustration and perseverance. And you’re seeing the one project I’ve finally seen to the end. I hope the Embark logo serves as a reminder that everyone’s passion is out there, just waiting to be found. When you discover yours and pursue it with unwavering focus, there’s nothing that can stop you.

  1. Create a passionate group of focused, like-minded, and motivated people who will inspire others.

I’m inspired by countless individuals every day, from entrepreneurs to music producers to social media influencers. I never would have found my passion if it weren’t for them. That’s why Embark is built on endless gratitude — it runs on the idea that just one person can change your life.

I hope Embark can be a community for people who will impact many others. We can spread positivity, learn from each other, and lift one another. Ultimately, we’ll become better leaders so we can empower the world.

  1. Create a socially and environmentally responsible brand.

Entrepreneurship has incredible potential to improve society. Embark is just getting started, but it’ll contribute to change from day one. Not only can we spread awareness about important causes, we can support them with monetary contributions. It’s a socially responsible model we can be proud of, one that will inspire future generations.




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