About Us

Our mission is simple: Inspire people around the world to find their passions, embark on the journey to achieve their goals, and persevere until they succeed. 

Hi, I’m James! I’m the founder of Embark.


Growing up, I’d always been unfocused: bouncing between hobbies, starting projects and never finishing them. It felt like an endless pattern when I dropped out of college in 2015.

With a lot of free time, I started exploring what I was truly passionate about. I eventually realized I loved product design, entrepreneurship, and bringing people together. Through Embark, I could assimilate all three.

So I got to work. I poured myself into my new project, building my skills in website design, content creation, photography, and more. I learned how to source products, working with suppliers and covering production costs out of my own pocket. Months later, I held the product I’d always seen in my mind.

To some, it might have been just a hat — but to me it was much more. It was proof to myself that I could do anything if I focused and persevered. In the same way, perhaps Embark can be a spark of motivation for anyone else who’s lost. If this company can inspire someone to work toward their dreams, even if they’ve failed countless times... then it will be a success.

Thank you for sharing my dream with me. Together, we can change lives — just as your support has changed mine.

With love,

James Wu
Founder, Embark




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